Gradle-Projekt can’t be imported by IntelliJ IDEA

At the moment their is a know problem when you would like to import a Gradle project with IntelliJ IDEA and you are using a version of Gradle greater than 1.0. The issue is, that IDEA can’t be reconnected to the previously started Gradle daemon.

IDEA will prompt this error message when you try it

followed up by some Actual / Wanted messages.

According to this ticket the issue comes from the differences between the ways IntelliJ and the Gradle daemon starts up utility processes. Whereas IntelliJ IDEA uses the JRE it’s not know if the Gradle daemon prefer the JRE or JDK, but if my observations are correct, it uses the JDK.

Anyways, As stated out in the ticket, the usage of

in the properties file IDEAPATH/bin/ makes it working. This property forces JetGradle to use the JDK and not the JRE to startup the Gradle daemon.

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