Creating beautiful release notes with git, gradle and markdown

During the last days I asked myself how to generated releases notes from information that are available in commit  / tag messages from git. The decisions My first approach was to create the list of changes directly from the commit messages, but this approach has multiple drawbacks. The commit messages must be written very disciplined […]

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Released : CDIProperties – v.1.0.0


Inspired by the tutorial about writing CDI extensions I wrote several days ago I created a CDI extension which targets exactly this topic CDIProperties This handy library enables a CDI (in a standalone or application server environment) application to directly inject properties from a property file. It’s extensible via an SPI, so that you can […]

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Tutorial: Writing your own CDI extension


Today I will show you how to write a CDI extension. CDI provides a easy way for extending the functionality, like adding own scopes, enabling java core classes for extension, using the annotation meta data for augmentation or modification, and much more. In this tutorial we will implement an extension that will inject properties from […]

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Using CDI standalone

Today I will show you how to use CDI in your appplication, when you don’t have the a JEE server. CDI is the Context and Dependency Injection, as defined in the JSR-346 (CDI 1.1) and JSR-299 (CDI 1.0). It is a powerful and lightweight mechanism that provides dependency injection, contextual lifecycles, events, decorators and interceptors. But […]

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DataFX – @Named support (accepted)

During the christmas and new year holidays I implemented the @Named feature for DataFX. It’s already accepted and merged into the validation branch of DataFX (Thanks to Hendrik Ebbers). This feature enables a user to inject different instances of a bean into a controller, distinguished by a resource name via @Named annotation. You can, for […]

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GIT & ZShell : Colorize your shell depending on your branch

As announced in my last post I asked my colleague Tillman if I’m allowed to post his nice extension for the zshell (as you may have concluded he gives his OK ). And here it is

The color mapping is the same as in these graphic Applying can be done, for example, when adding this git […]

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Gradle & GIT : How to map your branch to a deployment profile

Today I would like to show you how easy you can create conventions on your branching model and map these conventions to deployment / environment profiles. Where we come from Usually a project needs to have different settings for different environments (production, testing, staging, etc. pp.). Maven provides for this a nice plugin, but Gradle lacks […]

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